The Truth About Townsend; Volume I

$ 25.00 USD

Transforming the Northwoods begins in prehistoric times as mighty glaciers created a northern paradise of land, streams, lakes and forests that belonged to several Native American tribes. Starting in the 1870s, lumber companies would descend upon and denude the great white pine, hemlock and hardwood forests in just a few decades. From the ashes (literally, as forest fires were rampant) a tiny European immigrant settlement arose. In time the area was populated by lumberjacks, homesteaders, speculators, and small businessmen who were determined to carve a home from this wilderness. This is their story.

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Also available in hard cover edition; see below. Please call 715-276-6515 for special requests or for multiple copy discounts.

The Truth About Townsend; Volume I (hard cover)

$ 35 USD

Beautiful hard cover edition. Price includes signed or personalized copy if desired, tax, shipping. Please allow one-two weeks for delivery.

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