The Truth About Townsend Volume II 1940-80 "Poor Man's Paradise"

$ 30.00 USD

More of the amazing story of this tiny, tenacious European-immigrant community located in the Nicolet National Forest of northern Wisconsin. Volume II cover the years 1940-80 and traces Townsend's metamorphasis from a logging and agricultural community to a resort area frequented by Chicagoans, including many who were avoiding the long arm of the law by hiding in the beautiful Wisconsin northwoods.

Quality soft cover edition. Price includes signed or personalized copy of book, tax, shipping, and gift-wrapping if desired.

Please allow two weeks for delivery. Call 715-276-6515 for special requests or discount on multiple copies orders.

The Truth About Townsend Volume II 1940-80

$ 40 USD

Sorry! Hard Cover Edition is Sold Out.

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