Townsend Centennial Road Warrior Challenge

Note: Number the routes on your checklist for easier reference. You may want to break some of these routes into more manageable units or buddy up with another walker to have a vehicle at each end. Be sure to read the following before venturing out!

Walk 1: (Actual walking distance 3 miles) Starts at Pickerel Lake Boat Landing. Hard-packed sandy gravel road. Best to walk or mountain bike; some sections are not 10-speed friendly. Easy level walk amid rough terrain. Very rustic with towering pines (planted by CCCs), sandy ridges, copious wetlands. Road goes past beautiful Plantation Lake on left. Cell phone service is spotty. Bring bug and bear spray! Ends at Oughton Park where there are outdoor bathrooms.

Walk 2: (Actual walking distance 2 miles) Begins at Spring Lake Road and Pickerel Lake Gently sloping walk on nice cushy pit run sand/gravel. Gorgeous scenery abounds. Sprinkled along the way are a few lovely homes. Best to go counterclockwise if you cannot walk or bike up two challenging hills. Bring your bug and bear spray!

Walk 3: (Actual walking distance 3.2 miles) Starts at a working gravel pit. Watch for heavy equipment. Three steep hills might be hard for bikes and casual walkers unless you turn it around and go counterclockwise. Nice mix of old and new cabins and homes on Upper Townsend Flowage. Some on busy Nicolet Road withfast-mo ving traffic. Keep far left and be alert!

Walk 4: (Actual walking distance 2.5 miles) Start at old Bohn House (white pillars) at Nicolet and Valley View. Head south. (CAUTION: This is a well-traveled road with fast-moving vehicles and lots of ATVS. Be alert! Stay far left on shoulder). Nice mostly level walk on paved road near eastern shore of Horn Lake. Popular around-the-square walking route goes past Dick Popp home built around the original Leonard Fenn cabin/Betsy Popp’s Art Studio and the Radish Yak Farm on left. One steepish hill leads past Sleepy Hollow Miniature Golf Course on right. Some deer flies from end of June to Labor Day. Make this a very manageable 5 mile hike: start and end at Mike's Market.

Walk 5: (Actual walking distance 2.5 miles) Start at Horn Lake Road and Valley View. (CAUTION: This is a well-traveled road with lots of traffic and ATVS). Nice level scenic route past Horn Lake and Reservoir Pond. Very developed area with many cottages and year-round homes. Notice Radio FLyers Model-Airplane Park on right.

Walk 6: (Actual walking distance 3.4 miles) Park at Mike's Supermarket or Karla's Kountry Kitchen (3.25 miles). Head north. CAUTION: You are walking on busy Highway 32 with fast-moving traffic. KEEP WAY LEFT ON SHOULDER AND STAY ALERT! Not recommended for biking unless you walk your bicycle while on Highway 32 and on the steep inclines. Includes several dead-end short streets that require backtracking and a very steep hill on Hummingbird. BE CAREFUL! You must cross Highway 32 at Doolittle Lane. Front Street back to town is very pleasant level walk past Ron and Ann Hagamayer's beautiful fenced-in property. Notice the totally restored old Exferd Barn which even has a bowling alley inside. Note: Trail very dusty if ATVs are present and the wind is westerly.

Walk #7: (Actual walking distance 3.5 miles) Park at Hummingbird Lane and HW 32: Cross Highway 32 to Forest Hill and head north on the ATV trail. Watch out for fast-moving ATVs and dust which can impair visibility. If you choose to walk on the shoulder of 32, USE EXTREME CAUTION! You will cross Highway 32 twice, with fast-moving traffic in both directions. KEEP WAY LEFT ON SHOULDER or ATV Trail AND STAY ALERT! Not recommended for biking unless you walk your bicycle while on Highway 32. Includes several dead-end short streets that require backtracking and two steep hills.

Walk #8 (Actual walking distance 2.5 miles) Starts at Valley View Inn & HW 32. Nice level walk in the woods on a gravel road. Mosquito Creek wetland area. Can see northern end of Townsend Flowage from some spots. Very dusty when traffic or ATVs come along. Negative: Lots of disgustingly smelly trash and litter along the way.

Walk # 9 (Actual walking distance 8 miles) Begins at 32 and Diamond Roof Road. Very scenic easy level walk in the woods. Three creeks and lots of wildlife. Spectacular wildflowers in mid-May. No cellphone service some areas. Take water and bug spray. SUGGESTION: You can do this walk one of three ways. [1] Park your car at HW 32 and proceed to the Town of Little River sign--1/4 mile past Partridge Trail. Turn around and walk back. (8 miles round trip). [2] Divide  by walking from HW 32 to Mosquito Creek Road. Turn around and walk back (4.6miles). Then start at Mosquito Creek Road and walk to Town of Little River sign. (3.4 miles RT); [3] Have a buddy walk with you. Park one car at the beginning and one at the end. (4 miles)

Walk # 10: (Actual walking distance 14 miles) Start at Partridge Trail and Forest Hill. Very challenging walk on gravel road amid wetlands and uninhabited heavily forested terrain. Some areas no cell service.  Several moderate to steep hills to climb. Not suitable for bicycles unless mountain biking. Take bug and bear repellent, water and sunscreen. Watch for fast-moving vehicles. (8 miles RT) Suggestion: Break this up into two-three segments if you are walking alone.

Walk # 11: (Actual walking distance 4 miles) Start at Valley View and Forest Hill. Easy to moderately challenging with two not too steep hills. Mostly wooded area with a mix of graveled roads and asphalt. A few year-round and seasonal cabins. Logging taking place on Chipmunk and Maple Acres so watch for heavy equipment. Eastern leg allows view of beautiful Surprise Lake. Take bug and bear repellent!

Walk # 12 (Actual walking distance 4 miles) Start at Forest Hill and 32. Very challenging walk on mostly asphalt. VERY steep hill on Summer Lane-do not attempt this unless you are fit. Scenic with many dwellings, some upscale properties. Boat landing at end of Log Cabin Lane allows view of beautiful Surprise Lake.

Walk # 13 (Actual walking distance 6 miles) Start at Forest Home Cemetery. Challenging woodlands and wetlands course, much of it in the Nicolet National Forest. Almost all gravel roads which are dusty in dry weather but very limited traffic. You will go to the Town of Lakewood limit and past the Binder Lake Grouse Preserve. Very scenic but uninhabited. Can be broken into two parts if you take two cars. Park one at Downer Road (3 miles) or Gluckie Lake Road (3.6 miles). Warning! Heartbreak Hill greets you when you reach Pickerel Lake Lane. Limited cell phone service in some areas.Take water and repellent. Watch for very rare Karner Blue butterflies (powder blue, a bit over an inch in size). On endangered species list.

Walk # 14: (Actual walking distance 2.5 miles) Start at the Townsend Ball Field. Easiest walk on the course via asphalt streets in the town center. This was the original part of Townsend, and some homes date from the early 1900s. The ball park has a children's play area and restrooms. Suggestion: Take Pearl Street back to the Ball Field and go down Elm Street to the dead end to cover all the Town roadways.

Walk # 15 (Actual walking distance 4 miles) Start at Town Hall.Walk on Front Street North to Doolittle Lane. Heavy traffic on Highway 32 so proceed with extreme caution. Stay on ATV trail if possible. Very dusty when dry; face mask or kerchief good idea.

Walk # 16: (Actual walking distance 4.5 miles) Start at Townsend Ambulance Garage. BE CAREFUL when you cross Highway 32! This is a very pleasant walk in a scenic neighborhood of cottages, a campground, and some lovely year-round homes.

Walk #17 (Actual walking distance 2 miles) Park at Old Town Hall or Shell. HW 32 to Bobcat. Nice walk in heavily wooded residential area, mostly asphalt. Some backtracking on dead end roads but well worth the time it takes to do this. Be sure to walk down Peaceful Lane as it truly lives up to its name.

Walks #18: (Actual walking distance 6.2 miles). Start on McCauslin Drive and T. When you finish Canary Lane and go back to your starting point, turn RIGHT, not left, to High Point Lane, then back to T and continue. Level nice walk but much of it is on Highway T so be careful!

Walk #19: (Actual walking distance 3 miles) Start at Presbyterian and Cathedral DRIVE. Very scenic but remote terrain with few homes and cottages. Directions are confusing--stay to right on Blue Heron. Smitty Lane is muddy and remote. Cell service intermittent. Bear sightings experienced so carry repellent. Mosquitoes and biting flies abound.

Walk #20: (Actual walking distance 7 miles) Start at Presbyterian and Cathedral DRIVE. Turn RIGHT onto Archibald Parkway, not left. Best to walk this with a buddy. You will pass through the Holt Conservancy now owned by the Forest Service which contains many centuries-old white pine and hemlock. Cathedral Woods is on your left. If you have never been there, try to go in May when the Great Blue Heron rookery abounds with nesting herons. VERY remote terrain on a one-lane dirt road. Bear and bug repellent a MUST!

Walk #21: (Actual walking distance 2.7 miles) Go LEFT on Krake Road, not right. Add Bridge Street to this easy level walk; Krake is graveled and may be dusty. Take bug and bear spray!

Walk #22:  (Actual walking distance 5.6 miles) Start at Burnt Dam Road and Little Ireland Lane. Add Island Lane. Easy but long walk in a heavily developed area around Reservoir Pond. Some new homes with beautiful landscaping. Nice views of the lake and the wetlands surrounding it. Watch for traffic as this is a busy road, especially on weekends and holidays. Definitely need bug spray!

Walk #23: (Actual walking distance 5.0 miles) Start at Burnt Dam Road and Birchwood Lane. Add Birchwood Point Lane. Whispering Pines Road goes back to the famous world-renowned shrine erected by Julia Lauder. Some may want to walk the route backward to avoid several rather steep hills. Bug and bear spray a must.

Walk #24: (Actual walking distance 1.1 miles) Start at Backwoods Pub and Grill. Easy walk but turn LEFT on Unity Drive, not right.

Walk #25 (Actual walking distance 5.8 miles) Starts at Pine Tree and T. Best to drive this route first as it may be confusing. Consult your map carefully. There are four marked intersections that would apply as T intercepts Pine Tree at two locations. This is a level, lovely walk but in a remote area with few houses. Take bug and bear repellent.

Walk #26  (Actual walking distance 3.2 miles) Start at Presbyterian and Cunningham. Follow Cunningham to Calico Lane. Medium challenge but very remote; bear sign and sightings reported so take precautions!

Walk #27 (Actual walking distance 5.5 miles RT) Start at Forest Hill Drive and Horn Lake Road. Easy to moderate walk amid pretty wooded terrain replete with cottages and year-round homes. Several dead-end roads that require backtracking. Take mosquito repellent!

Walk # 28: (Actual walking distance 2 miles) Starts at Cassler Drive and East Burnt Dam Road. Easy walk but be careful crossing County T! Nice level route, but take bug and bear repellent just in case.

Walk # 29. (Actual walking distance 5.8 miles) Start at Mike's Supermarket. Nice views of the Townsend Flowage and McCauslin Brook. Nearly all asphalt roads. Several challenging hills for those out-of-shape. Take care! Traffic can be fast and heavy, especially on major weekends. On your right will be Birch Hils, the only remaining "up north" resort in the township. Just past My Bar is Hillcrest Lodge, supposedly haunted by the ghost of Dr. Fred. Tony Bagocus, the youngest son of the family that built Hilllcrest, was lost in the Bermuda Triangle in 1949. Further on your left is Otter Run, the home of Otter Run Books and Townsend historian Kathleen Marsh. On the corner of Nicolet and Valley View still sits the impressive house built by the Bohns, a Townsend Pioneer family. Left off Red Maple on Sandy Ridge is a lovely greenhouse owned by Shari Rye.

Walk 30; (Actual walking distance 7.8 miles) Start at Backwoods Pub and Grill. Very nice if lengthy walk in wooded area. Some parts are remote so take bear and mosquito repellent. Important! Directions have an error. Do not attempt to walk to Doty Town Line on Sawyer Lake Road.

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